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Oswego Community Christian School

Founded in 1979, Oswego Community Christian School is a ministry of New Covenant Community Church. The school was established with the purpose of offering families a Christian educational alternative in the greater Oswego area that would excel in the teaching, training, and spiritual development of our children. There are nearly fifteen churches and ministries represented by our student population.

The school has pre-K through eighth grade. At NCCC we value offering families the opportunity to enrich the lives of their children both academically and spiritually. The dedicated staff and sacrificial service of our teachers enables us to offer a high quality education and spiritual growth to all of our students. The family atmosphere and parental involvement add to the school’s success. At New Covenant Community Church we support Oswego Community Christian School because we value children and offer them an excellent educational experience while growing in relationship to Jesus Christ.

To learn more about Oswego Community Christian School, you can visit their website.